Advance Automatic Pill Dispenser

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SKU: PVT-00003

Recommended for: Dementia

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Looking After’s care experts review

This product is ideal for dementia patients who need to take medication at a set time.

Product Description

Remembering to take pills on time is important. Taking medication too closely or not often enough can have serious health implications. For a person with dementia who suffers from lapses in memory, taking their pills on time can seem like an impossible task.

The Pivotell Advance dispenser can be easily filled and programmed by the user, relative, carer or pharmacist, dispensing pills up to 24 times a day.

How does it work?

At the pre-programmed times, the dispenser rotates, the alarm signal is heard, and the correct dosage comes into view through the opening in the lid. The alarm can be programmed to ring for up to 5 hours and is cancelled by tipping the pills into the hand or a suitable container.

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