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Recommended for: Dementia

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Looking After’s care experts review

Stimulating and interesting product for dementia patients that helps them relax.

Product Description

This unique Activity Blanket© for people with dementia, like Alzheimer's, keeps hands occupied and provides useful sensory stimulation:

  • Comes in blue, green or red.

  • Enables sensory stimulation for people with dementia.

  • It has been thoroughly tried and tested by people with dementia like Alzheimer's so we can be sure that it's popular, appropriate and practical.

  • People with dementia often have restless hands and like to have something to keep their hands occupied. This blanket not only keeps hands busy, it provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation and at the same time keeping knees snug and warm.

  • Ideal for older people living in care homes, patients in hospital and makes a great gift for an older family member with dementia living in their own home.

  • The blanket base is made from a high coloured fleece measuring approx 70cm x 60cm.

  • Features include: a centre plastic pouch /pocket for a favourite photo; a hand sized pocket with detachable mini cushion; a sturdy zip; three silk ribbons; a three bright buttoned flap; a buckle; 3 tactile fabric swatches; 4 rows of coloured plastic beads threaded and edged with tassels and three strong laces edged with felt.

  • Attachments may vary slightly

  • Suitable for machine washing at 30ºC (detach bean bag before washing). For best results place blanket in a pillow case before washing.

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