Drop-in centres for dementia care

Drop in centres

As the number of people suffering with dementia is predicted to rise, many individuals, their loved ones and potential carers are faced with a challenging time ahead. It’s difficult to understand the emotional strain patients in dementia care and their carers go through, but the good news is there are communities out there where you can socialise with individuals in a similar situation. This can help bring a sense of comfort and camaraderie amongst patients and those looking after them. Additionally, social activities have been shown to slow down the progression of dementia and ward off its most devastating symptoms. The elderly, and particularly those with cognitive decline, are at a higher risk of isolation and social exclusion, which exacerbates the complications of dementia and leads to increased anxiety and depression. It’s important that there are opportunities for individuals to stay socially active and feel included, therefore, in this article, we wanted to highlight 3 fantastic initiatives that you should take advantage of, if you’re in the area. 


Forget-Me-Not Café


Forget-Me-Not Café, set up in The Stocks Lane, Penketh is open every Tuesday from 10 am until mid-day. Providing a relaxed setting, the friendly café offers activities like singing, dancing and exercising. It’s also a fantastic space to share information and meet other people, so make sure to drop in on the upcoming Tuesday if you’re in the area. 


Lilian Faithfull Care


Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be one of the most difficult times to overcome, so Lilian Faithfull Care are committed to help people tackle them together. Their new meeting centre will be running weekly, every Wednesday, in their Royal Gardens Community Hub in Cheltenham. Gardening, games, art, outings and many other activities will be provided alongside one to one guidance, support and advice to people who need it. When looking after your loved ones, make sure to venture down and enjoy some meaningful social time. 


Lakeview Care Home


Located in Lightwater, Surrey, this care home is offering another great drop-in café. It is open every last Wednesday of each month between 2pm and 4pm. They will feature important talks, fun activities and a chance for people to get advice from healthcare professionals and share experiences with other dementia patients and their carers. A great opportunity for those living in the area. 


Worcester Dementia Action Alliance


The Worcester Dementia Action Alliance are looking to open two meeting centres in Worcester, to be open at least 3 days a week. This could be a vital part of the local community and it’ll be great to see how this project develops. 


Why are drop-in centres important? 


Drop in centres and meeting centres first appeared 25 years ago in Netherlands. The country now has 150 centres and research shows that they have a positive impact on the individual’s self-esteem, quality of life and overall happiness. This comes as no surprise, since it has been proven that socialisation is so vital for people in dementia care. If you have a local dementia drop in centre, support them by paying them a visit, which will also be beneficial for looking after your loved one. If you can, get involved with volunteering too. We hope to see many more meeting centres appearing in the near future. 

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